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All substances will aid or alter energy. Thus, some woods perform different tasks more readily than others. Some will fit different personalities differently.
Oak.The most commonly selected wood for wands. The Oak tree has always provided for the people. Things like lumber for homes, weapons, food from the acorn. Oak wands are strong and unbiased in their use,leaning niether to the left nor right. Oak can be used for defense being strong enough to resist most attacks against it. Very close to the Earth and grounded in its being, it is excellent used for healing.

Ash. The ash tree is associated with water. Removes blockages that interfere with the flow of words and knowledge. Thus aiding with communication and learning. Ash is the wood of the poet and scholar. Protects against unwanted change. Assists with spiritual love and health.

Yew. A nice light wood, somewhat golden in color. Frequently the grain creates a movement similar to that of galaxies. Yew has been associated with death by many cultures. The wood of the Yew has been used for bows in Europe and by the American indians of the Norhwest. Wands of Yew have been used to travel between the levels of corporeal and non-corporeal. This beautiful tree and its wood are sacred to Hecate, and is a very appropriate wood to use in any workings regarding Her. Its use in England is recalled in Macbeth where Hecate's cauldron contained:"... Slips of Yew, slivered in the moon eclipse." The Silver Fir of birth and the Yew of death are sisters. They stand next to each other in the circle of the year and their foliage is almost identical. MAGICKAL ASPECTS: Destructive workings concerning death. Not recommended for magical tools "...for I am the tomb to every hope." As in all things the individual determines the final use and acceptance.

COCOBOLO. Cocobolo is the wood of passion. Within it courses the energy of the flame, burning hot with desire, sexuality, ambition, adventure, even rage. A purely masculine energy radiates from the wood.

BLOODWOOD. Bloodwood is a remarkable wood mainly for its ability to utilize elemental energies. The wood itself can channel and enhance the affect of all elemental energies, but the degree to which it can do so seems to depend upon the person utilizing the wood. This can be determined by your astrologicalsign. Bloodwood would enhance your ability to utilize water energy if you are a Pisces far more greatly than if you were an Aries, for instance. Likewise, a Pisces may find bloodwood nearly useless when working with the element of fire, because that element is the opposite of the primary element of the Pisces.

Myrtlewood This wood is all about balanced energy. Oftentimes, people will focus only on one or two details of their lives, neglecting the rest. This wood's energy helps us to step back and see the big picture, not getting overwhelmed by the details. It helps to balance the energies within us or a situation. Myrtlewood will aid in decision making, but not luck. This wood is very versatile. It is good for healing, creating abundance, and for nurturing passionate love. However, it has a very honest energy and will not tolerate deception or "creative truth" in any of your workings with it.

Bubinga Wood Origin:Equatorial Africa Gender Association:Feminine Planetary Association: (in orderof importance) Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter Elemental Association:Earth, Fire Other magical properties:Love is the most prevalent energy within this wood. This means that it would be best used for love magick or any matters related to emotional energy. It is a very spiritual wood, emotionally healing. It has very strong feminine aspects, emphasizing intuition, creativity, and nurturing. This is a wood with not one single negative attribute, which is extremely rare. It would be useful for any type of magick. But, the energies within the wood would be especially powerful if utilized for love magick, divination, and emotional healing. The power of this wood will be strongest at the full moon, weakest at the new moon.

LACEWOOD Lacewood is particularly beautiful with its intricate grain and red-orange hues. This wand is a gamblerís wood, associated with luck and excellent for divination, receiving distant news and fate-related spellcasting.

Ebony Wand - Blackest of the black woods, Ebony is regarded as one of the most powerful and indiscriminate of all magical woods. It channels energy of all types freely, for any purposes. It is often used for potent protection spells or the making of amulets

Black Palm Wand - Black Palm originates in Southeast Asia, and is a wood naturally inclined toward magical energies. It is an excellent tool for encouraging positive changes, creating opportunities and accessing spiritual pathways. It is also good for deriving knowledge and power from natural surroundings.

Yew Wand Peachy colored hue; powerful wood of death, orientating toward thought, communication, travel & bridging the gap between worlds. Willow Wand: Pale, genial wood. Willow is light as air to hold & sensitive to emotion, intuition & associated with inspiration.

Tulipwood Wand - A member of the rosewood family & very powerful. This wood has deep ties to the moon & enhances intuition, creativity and is extraordinary for work that involves natural cycles. Tulipwood is also an apt tool for divination.

Purpleheart Wand - This wood has a rare, natural purple hue. Purpleheart is great for divination magic and enhancement of creative energy. Superior wood for dealing with spiritual healing and health issues.

Red Oak Wand - Natural red-ish tint; Red Oak is hard, heavy and very strong. Oak embodies wisdom, strength & represents stability and protection. It teaches persistence and endurance. Noted for enhancing durability against counter-spells and increasing spell longevity. Oak is suited to the magic of kingship, personal sovereignty & authority.

Cherry Wand - Smooth, light weight, pale wood. Cherry is a very earthy wood, assisting in clear and present thought. This wood is very grounded and helps with keeping a level head.

Apple Wand - Pale wood . Apple symbolizes healing, love, and beauty. suited for opening doors into Faerie, spells regarding travel, illumination, love, harmony, beauty, and detoxification.

Locust Wand - Mustard-tinted wood, Locust is renowned as one of the strongest, native woods there is. It relates to the ebb and flow of the ocean, holding depth, power and calm. Locust is also a patron wood for music and the arts. Cedar Wand - Extremely lightweight, rosy hue, and a wonderfully lasting aroma. Cedar from Lebanon was famous in the Bible and was a symbol of power and longevity.

Beech Wand - associated with learning, lore and knowledge. Some of the first runes were carved into Beech wood and thus it has strong ties to powers of divination as related to runes. Helps with spells regarding information, invocation of ancient guardians and research into old writings.

Ash Wand - Fairly heavy, Ash is a traditional wood & represents Ygdrasill, the World Tree and is one of the three of the Fae Triad (Oak, Ash, Thorn). It is especially good for spells of protection (especialy from drowning) holding great sea-power and is excellent for absorbing sickness.

Hickory Wand - rather light, extremely durable, Hickory is a popular choice for staves. It represents the power to direct action, presence, discipline and the finding of direction.

Holly Wand - Holly is one of the whitest woods available, fine-grained & hard. Associated with holiness, protection from evil spirits & poisons, helps with business endeavors and progress, used in consecrations.

Maple is a traveler's wand, helping to focus on the right choices in any situation. A strongly masculine wood, it is tough and well-suited to spells of communication, binding, transmutations & revolution. It eases remorse for past mistakes.

Black Mesquite Wand - Smooth, sturdy wood so named for its unique black on dark brown grain. It is associated with abundance, the feast and healing. Wands of this wood help with strengthening the homestead.

Lilac Wand - Sacred to Gemini and brings the root energy of expansion and growth. It is sacred to bards and bespeaks erotic creative powers. It is well suited to the magic of union, attraction, sexual enhancement, imagination and mental concentration.

Cherry Wand: Smooth, light weight, pale wood. Cherry is a very earthy wood, assisting in clear and present thought. This wood is very grounded and helps with keeping a level head.

Hackberry Wand: Hackberry is a strong and flexible wood, moderately hard w/a light, yellow-grey hue. Itís energy is simple and out-doorsy, with a woodsman feel to it. It is acts as a good, solid provider of energy for things of a forest or wildlife nature and is good for crop, gardening and hunting rituals or blessings.

Redbud Wand: Pretty, golden-hazel tint with warm grain design. Redbud is a wonderful wood for promoting new love and relationships. Associated with Spring, it assists with new ventures, especially emotional ones. It is used to bring a bit of lightheartedness and warm nature to people or situations.

Hawthorne Wand: Cream hue, Hawthorne wood is sacred to Aquarius and is a tree of defense with the power of lightning. Some say it has the power to detect magic as well. Attuned to the violet spectrum it is good for strengthening oneís magick powers and spells of warding and control.

Birch Wand: Birch is considered the first tree, tied to spring and youth & all things new. It also holds great ability to purify & discipline.

Cypress Wand - Pale wood dealing with death and mourning. Used in creating magic circles to deal with spirits & enchanting containers to hold the spirits of things that have passed on. Good for ceremonial funeral rituals, is a conduit to otherworldly entities.

Locust Wand - Mustard-tinted wood, Locust is renowned as one of the strongest, native woods there is. It relates to the ebb and flow of the ocean, holding depth, power and calm. Locust is also a patron wood for music and the arts.

Lauan Wand - Light brown, Lauan is a stringy, porous wood from Indonesia, often used in the crafting of drums and carries with it a deep, steady rhythm. Good for exciting fervor & enhancing natural energies.

Walnut Wand - Smooth, light-weight, dark brown-grey wood Walnut is a thoughtful and serious wood, geared toward introspection & assists with inner clarity.

Redwood is known to be extremely useful for protection spells as well as to help obtain focus and discipline. The user of this wand will find complete serenity in the most chaotic of situations.

Lignum Vitae, the tree of life, is well know for its medicinal qualities and the ability to cure most any ailment. This makes it perfect for protection and healing charms. Lignum Vitae is also famous for being the hardest and heaviest wood on record. The Great Merlin, of Camelot lore, was known to wield a wand made from Lignum Vitae.

ROWAN The Rowan is seen as the tree of life. It is also known as Mountain Ash, Quickbeam, The Witch or Witch Wand. In the British Isles, Rowan is used as a protection against lightning and magical charms of all sorts. In ancient Ireland, the Druids of opposing forces would kindle a fire of rowan and say an incantation over it to summon spirits to take part in the battle. The Rowan is also used for many healing purposes. The "Quickbeam" is the tree of quickening. Another use was in metal divining. In Ireland, a Rowan stake was hammered through a corpse to immobilize the spirit. MAGICKAL ASPECTS: Divination, healing, astral work, protection.

ASH The Ash is sacred to Poseidon and Woden. The Ash is considered to be the father of trees. The Ash is the tree of sea power, or of the power resident in water. Special guardian spirits reside in the Ash; This makes it excellent for absorbing sickness.

MAGICKAL ASPECTS: Sea power, karmic laws, magical potency, healing, protection from drowning

Kingwood Kingwood will block out unwanted energy, forming an impenetrable protective barrier. This wood brings with it the ability to exert one's will upon the world, creating needed or desired change. The power of this wood blasts away all ambiguity. It will allow one to discover their true spiritual path, locking in only the most sincere beliefs, allowing the rest to fall away. It clarifies confusion. This wood is an excellent healing wood, closely tied with willpower. It would also be excellent for luck magic or divination. Also excellent for curses or other offensive magic, this is not a wood for novices or the untrustworthy.